By the way, you live in the capital of the country, not the world bbz. Sure London has excellent theatre productions, but guess what? If it’s not from Yorkshire, it’s SHITE, seriously though, that map was hysterical, LOVE IT, we’re all still tribal, GB is a beautiful place, and I thank GOD, that i’m not from Birmingham, Holy sh…, why do they sound so thick. This was the biggest estate in Europe before they started knocking down some of the 300+ blocks that are there. General Enquiries: As much as I like my personal space, I’d hate to become completely anonymous in the very place I exist. Eclectic Boroughs. London has transport covered, both inside and out. If you haven’t complained either about the cost of living, crime, the Tube or tourists in the last 15 minutes then you’ve quite possibly lost the ability to speak. 6) The lexicon. Living in London means getting used to the traffic, the noise, the pollution, but will all those pros of living in Londo being said, if I cant a career change, there are courses there are jobs, the switch is easy, if I want to live away from the central London, there are places in London that offer peace and quiet and still allow you to be in the center of the city within 30 minutes. 4) That said, I would miss the lack of community. “Oh but you’d earn more if you moved to London”, I hear you say. MORE : 18 ways living in London changes you. 7) The soul destroying trauma of tackling the Tube with anything bigger than a satchel. The City of London Corporation was not reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, because it had a more extensive electoral franchise than any other borough or city; in fact, it widened this further with its own equivalent legislation allowing one to become a freeman without being a liveryman. With so much to do, it's hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but below you'll find our top 10. Probably cheaper to get a late deal and actually fly to Cuba to get drunk at those prices. London is a notoriously expensive place to live – so if you’re moving to the capital on a budget, Bexley is the best option for you. Don’t believe me? If the area is cheap – that’s because people generally don’t want to settle down there (because of various reasons). The British capital is held in such high regard by the current populus aged between 18-30, as though it is some Millennial / Gen-Z rite of professionalism to have slung your bindle over your shoulder and marched down to Euston ready to make your fortune. 5. Also, if money is an issue and you don’t mind living elsewhere in the UK, Edinburgh is a beautiful city with great universities and a … They are public places for people to gather, eat, and drink. As of Oct. 2020, the unemployment rate in London is at about 6.3%. Divided into 6 concentric “zones” like a bullseye, most of the city’s action is in Zones 1 and 2, but I only know a few people lucky enough to live a stroll from their office. Residents love the escape from the city life that Blackheath gives them. We have collected the most popular and strange, across the world web. Policing Women: Has nothing changed in 100 years? DisparityCausesInstability Mon 20-Dec-10 21:53:08. 3) Too many people. It’s easy to pop abroad for the weekend. Instead I can shop for all of the same items anywhere I can get a decent internal signal. The Transportation Hub. It sprawls and swallows up once-distinct villages in its wake. There is something quite comforting about blowing my nose and not having so much dirt come flying out that I could be mistaken as a chimney sweeper during the Victorian age. When I moved to London, i knew it would be an adjustment to living in england and London life. Despite the millions of people all living in the same city, statistics show that loneliness in London, including a lack of community feeling, is at an all time high. The number of white British people in the capital fell by 620,000 - equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out. Being a Mum at Christmas: Is the Pressure Too Much? Full of character, Bermondsey has trendy markets, a range of bars, restaurants and shops, and cultural opportunities like the White Cube Gallery and Fashion and Textile Museum. Now we are turning our attention to our very own city LONDON, and why we think it’s a fantastic place to progress your career. Trying to fit your own body into a Tube carriage anywhere in Zone 1 is stressful enough, let alone when you have a suitcase. But then this is why … I’m just sayin’, before moving to the big city, consider those coins y’all. Sure you’re cool and unique London, but please calm down the blatant attention seeking behaviour. Via Flickr: 33278177@N00 Sorry, but I’d rather not pay over £1,000 a month for the privilege of living in a little shoebox, with no garden and shared a kitchen with at least five other people at the edge of zone 5. I know it’s tough to say whether it’s worth living in London or not, as everyone is different. The phrase ‘London W*nker’ was coined for a reason – because those who move there start using terms like “jump on a call”, “touch base offline”, “square the circle” and “idea shower” (I’m cringing so hard just writing these…how do people actually say them with a straight face?). In contrast, London is most definitely the land of extinct smiles, but I guess if I had to sell my kidney on the black market to afford my rent I probably wouldn’t be chirpy either. Remember many people who live in London have not lived here their whole lives and know both the merits and downsides of the capital … We're thinking of moving back and I just want to make sure we're not looking through rose-tinted retrospectacles! You get on the Tube and boom, three minutes later you’re clammy, your forehead is glistening with sweat and your once perfect ponytail is now framed by a frizz halo. The furor is not helped by the people tutting and rolling their eyes when they have to move half a foot to their left to make room for your case – sorry that I have belongings that I sometimes need to take with me places, what an awful person that must make me. Opportunities don’t start and end in London, and I for one won’t be sucked into sacrificing my rural quality of life any time soon. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Have a look at grahame park in north west London. London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world's best sights, attractions and activities. MORE : The 5 worst things about living in London. There are many answers to this question and everyone has his favorite. Although this sounds expensive, when you compare it to the average price of a one-bedroom apartment (£950 – 1,300) in London, it’s an absolute steal. Okay then. Constant gridlock, cramped and full of road works. Its efficiency, pragmatism, blending of cultures and embedded history, keep you coming back for more. Call me childish but I quite like walking past people and seeing a few smiles here and there. Top 10 London attractions. There are... 2. Wash your face after a day in London and the soot splattered basin does not make for a pretty sight. When I lived outside of London I would always travel to London in search of new spots to explore, which is why, despite my excitement to travel abroad there is still so much I want to see and do in London. For those living in supposedly the greatest city in the world you sure do whinge a fair bit. Remind me once again why I should abandon normal fairly-priced public transport in order to be shuttled around in an expensive cramped little metal box? When you’re away from London, you’ll long to return. I like a happy medium between being able to go about my day without being trampled by a throng of commuters, and feeling as though there is a group of people to whom I am connected, not only through a geographic conincidence but also a common interest in our hometown. I always come away from London having spent nearly half of my disposable income for that month with very little to show for it apart from the flaccidity of my once monetarily stocked pockets. Sure it’s the capital, and yes it has some decent artsy stuff and some pretty swanky food places but for the majority of us who don’t actually live in London it can get a bit tiresome to hear about it non-stop. 1. Call me absolutely delirious and potty, but believe it or not I actually enjoy the idea of having some form of money left over, which I can slide into a savings account to be used for important things like travelling (not to London), 90s Rugrats memorabilia and sushi-making classes. As one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the world, Londoners are very accepting of everyone in my experience. But the fundamental cost of living in London is so expensive that most people can’t actually afford to enjoy the city they work so hard for and pay so much to live in. I genuinely enjoy being in my car, belting out my tunes, chatting with my loved ones, wacthing the scenery go past (NB my enjoyment of driving does not equate to enjoying being sat in traffic – any wait over ten minutes and the drive goes from enjoyable to enraging pretty damn quickly) but the congestion charges along with the lack of parking, endless jams and unapologetically combative fellow drivers make driving in London an almost Herculian task best avoided where possible. Living in London is a great experience, but just being here won’t suddenly make your life an endless amazing adventure. Jeez. Londoners may get a bad rep for being rude, moany and unsociable sometimes but the city and its people aren’t all that bad. However, I just do not … No way number one it's just a bunch of yuppies everywhere. As reported by the Office for National Statistics, the average full time salary in London is £36,611, whereas the average full time salary for the rest of the UK is £29,588; split that £7,023 difference between twelve months and that gives you an extra £585.25 before tax per month to spend. So does the rest of the country, and I won’t have to fork out the price of a rental deposit for a three-bedroom house in order to go watch a musical. There’s an ever ubiquitous millennial snobbery targeted at those in their twenties who’ve made the decision not to live in London. 8) The sweatiness of the Tube. image – oseillo. For a lot of people,... First of all I'm not entirely sure I can call this a MAFS review. But, work reason is not the only motivation why people should live in London. When I'm not hosting House 21 brunches, you'll find me either running my marketing business, horse riding, playing piano or reading. OMaLittle Mon 20-Dec-10 21:31:17. Eldon House is the former residence of the prominent Harris Family and oldest surviving such building in London.